Coffee at Work

Coffee solutions for work place:

  • Need something just to keep yourself and team alert and awake?
    • Caffeine pill
    • Instant coffee or a ready to brew drip bag or pre ground coffee in various forms.
  • Want to look fancy and hip to your equally ignorant co-workers
    • Grab a grande cup topped with whipped cream et al from that big brand downstairs and yes, make sure your name is misspelled.
    • Open a bag of coffee that is claimed to be processed in a very fancy way to bring in exotic notes of pickles and kimchi or passion fruit and papaya. Pretend to brew in a way that almost qualifies you to be heading  Space-x or NASA. Yes, don’t forget to talk about the exotic notes your super refined palate can discover. You may do same with a bag your cousin brought in from foreign and finally gave it to you after 3 months.
    • Buy a machine that claims to be making great coffee using pods – hassle free. So what if it tastes like water discarded from hookah? This looks cool and gives you some caffeine and coloured water.

Above mentioned solutions take care of needs for 99% of people working in offices and we can barely help you.

However, if you think you are creative kind and you want your team to be different from regular keyboard warriors or template mafia, it is time to stop letting coffee be a ‘break’. Make it a part of the process.