Our Philosophy

A great cup of coffee just doesn’t happen! It requires love, passion, dedication and hard work at every stage. From nurturing of right coffee plants under best coffee growing conditions to picking, drying, curing, roasting and brewing. We reach out to coffee farmers in various parts of the world looking for a coffee that is delicious with a wonderful balance of aromas, flavours, body and complexity. Not just another cup of caffeine fix.

We source, roast and brew this delicious beverage for you, however it wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of all the dedicated and passionate farmers and our team that travels thousands of kilometres to reach out to these wonderful people to source coffee. As roasters we make sure that our customers always get coffee beans that are freshly roasted to perfection, retaining complexity and flavours that make every coffee unique.These are not off-the-shelf packs of commercial coffee but a carefully crafted bag of beans roasted specially for you at a profile that is unique to each coffee. We develop these profiles after cupping coffees for days at various roast profiles and finally finding the right balance of aroma, brightness, flavor, body, complexity, balance and finish. There is no LIGHT, MEDIUM OR DARK roast with us but just one perfect roast that is unique to each single origin coffee. We roast some blends and single origin coffees especially for espresso machines to reduce acidity (which is unique to this brewing method) and bring a balance. If you enjoy slightly darker roast in your manually brewed coffee, these coffees may suit you more.

Our Story

After being part of Indian Army, an organisation which is a bench mark for work ethos, passion, integrity and top quality performance when Neeraj had to hang his uniform due to a severe spinal injury he looked to work for something which he was equally passionate about. Coffee was where he found his love and passion, and he took it to a step further; fed up with stale, over-roasted coffee he decided to get into roasting. After honing his skills by burning a lot of coffee and tasting some ridiculous as well as delicious coffees on a small 250 gram locally made home roasting machine he offered his coffee to couple of local cafes who appreciated the quality. However he soon realized that a good coffee brewing culture was missing and cafes were unwilling to go beyond the weak, milky, flavourless espresso drinks that never justified the quality of coffee beans.

Neeraj bought his first 5 kg Ozturkbay roaster from Turkey (best his self funded entrepreneurship could afford), he decided to start brewing and serving coffee the right way and was joined by Manu Singh, she is PhD in Biotechnology turned a coffee, food and baking enthusiast, in came a second-hand La Marzocco Linea Classic and a Mahlkonig EK 43 and training of staff began (you don’t get many trained baristas in this part of the world); Curious Life Coffee Roasters and Café was born in September 2015! Soon after the roastery cum cafe was open Jacob, a childhood friend and an adventure enthusiast quit his corporate job joined in; in no time he was on his Royal Enfield Himalalyan sourcing best coffee across the country.

With the love showered by coffee enthusiasts of culturally rich city of Jaipur and our coffee aficionados across the country it has been an amazing journey. Presently we work with most passionate coffee farmers across India and Africa sourcing top class coffee directly from estates and small farmers. We opened our first specialty coffee shop cum roastery in 2015 which we call Curious Life BLUE armed with two La Marzocco machines (Linea Classic and GS3), two EK 43, a set up of manual brewing equipment, cold brew bar including Nitro Coffee and a range of equipment which help us with consistency, quality control and constant improvement; refractometer, VST baskets and tampers, Acaia scales etc. and of course a proud, professional, passionate team. We started our second cafe and a bigger and better roasting unit in December 2018 with our Loring roaster and even better machinery from La Marzocco and Mahlkonig featuring a La Marzocco Strada, Peak, K30, EK43s etc. and we call it Curious Life RED.

Our current roasting facility runs on a S15 Loring roaster which has the state of art technology and is a fully automatic, environment friendly green roaster. It provides us a coffee roasting experience like no other, gives us unmatched quality, unheard-of efficiency, and unparalleled control. Touchscreen automation, vacuum elevator loading, auto hopper, auto roast chamber door, reduced greenhouse gases in every roast compared to conventional roasters are few unique features of Loring. We roast thrice a week shipping across the country to other hotels, cafes and home brewers. You can also buy our coffee over the counter in our cafe CuriousRED.

We believe in educating our guests and our wholesale customers in order to achieve a broader public understanding for the amount of  work that lies behind every single cup of delicious coffee.