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Shyira, RWANDA – Espresso


Aromatics – Blackberry, Caramel, Sugarcane

Body – Syrupy, Honey-like

Brightness – Stone fruits, Candy

Recommended for you if you like slightly darker roasts/ enjoy espressos/ or like your coffee with a dash of milk.

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About This Coffee

Varietal: Red Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Country: Rwanda
Region: Nyabihu
Washing Sation: Shyira
Altitude: 5200 – 5700 feet
Roast: Espresso

In the cup

This medium roast is the most balanced single origin espresso we have ever come across. It begins with a syrupy sweetness of blackberry and sugarcane leading to richer chocolate notes. Body is rich with honey like texture. Finish is sweet with more of chocolate flavours lingering for long.

Recommended for you if you like slightly more developed darker roasts with or without milk. Roasted almond notes are highlighted with milk.

Straight espressos are better with a ratio of 1:2.5

Milk beverage with espresso are best if you add milk only upto two times the weight of an espresso; a 40g espresso should be topped with 80g of steamed whole milk to get the right balance of flavours.

Enjoy on Moka Pot/ Conical Filter / AeroPress as black or with a dash of milk.

Not recommended for cold brew, this method can strangulate the vibrancy of this coffee as this method renders to an undesirable baggy/ nutty note.

If you like it cold, brew it hot and leave it in refrigerator to chill in a container with minimum head space.

About the Farm

Since 2016, this Red Bourbon from Rwanda has been a regular on shelves.

Located in Nyabihu District in North Western Region of Rwanda, Shyira washing station is managed by Josue Dusengiyumva. This is MTCo.’s smallest washing station and sources coffee from the highest altitudes (1800 – 2200 MASL) out of their 5 stations, which explain its uniqueness amongst the rest of the produce. Shyira only has 1 full time staff and 42 casual workers during peak season.

Shyira is an hour drive up the hills from the township of Musanze (Ruhengeri). The weather conditions, soil type and its high-altitude lands makes this CWS an ideal setting for high-quality coffee processing and production. On the drive up to the CWS, when you reach on top of the Shyira hills, you will be met with a view that will take your breath away – the chain of volcanoes in between the beautiful beasts of Rwanda the Mountain Gorillas come from to the waterfalls of the wonderful Gicice river. As if that is not enough, combined with the valley full of white sands, fog covering hills and good weather makes Shyira truly unique and one of a kind.

The station is located deep high in the ranges of the iconic and world-renowned Virunga Mountain and National park ranges.

This is where the Mountain Gorillas/Silverbacks are from; perhaps the best-known wildlife in Rwanda where a lady primatologist named Dian Fossey gave away her life saving these mountain gorillas. The high altitude, plentiful rain and highly fertile and nutritional soils in the area are the reasons why it produces some truly phenomenal tasting coffees.

Enjoy !!

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