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Ratio 1:14
Coffee 17 gms
Water 240 gms
Total Brew Time 2 mins

You will need

  • A pour over dripper with filter paper. Use Hario Size 01 if you are making single cups and using less than 20g of coffee. Correct dripper size is important and produces better results.
  • A goose neck kettle or any kettle with which you may pour water in a controlled manner.
  • A coffee mug or caraffe to collect brewed coffee.
  • A burr type coffee grinder. (Electric or manual).
  • 17 g of good quality, freshly roasted coffee.
  • Water and a kettle/ pot with heating source to heat it.
  • Weighing scale and timer.

AeroPress is a versatile brewing equipment where both immersion and drip methods get involved. You leave your coffee submerged in hot water and thereafter apply pressure to filter it through a fine paper filter. You may get a quick espresso kind of shot with finer grinds and also brewed kind of coffee with coarser grind and longer brew times. You may use it up right or inverted, these make various combinations to play with versatility of this brewing equipment. Here we suggest a brewed coffee technique with upright method.

AeroPress is virtually unbreakable and coupled with a good hand grinder makes a good brewing equipment while you are travelling.


Step 1

Place the filter in and soak it with some water, pre-heat the brewing cylinder however make sure that rubber part of the piston of AeroPress is dry, this would prevent it from slipping while pressing.

Step 2

Take 17 g of freshly roasted coffee and grind it fine. You may go as fine as possible as long as it is not too hard to press or your coffee tastes dry. (This is an indicator of over extraction and also of uneven extraction)

Step 3

Lock the filter cap along with wet paper filter and place the lower chamber on a mug. Put ground coffee in the lower chamber, start your timer and quickly add around 150-160g of water, stir the slurry gently three times and add remaining water; total hot water added is 240g within 20-30 seconds.

Lock the AeroPress by putting the plunger on top creating an airlock, preventing any dripping of water.

Step 4

Wait till 1:30 min, remove the plunger stir thrice gently and slowly press for 20-30 seconds. Go all the way down. Time to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, at times you may add a dash of water to open up more flavours.

Step 5

Always use a sturdy mug/ carafe while brewing and press keeping the equipment on a sturdy firm platform to avoid any breakages or spills while brewing. Our military style rugged enamelled mug is best suited for this.

Pouring Technique

Use a kettle with thin snout, for better control of flow

Make small concentric circles while pouring directly on coffee bed.

Distance between the tip of kettle and slurry should be around 10 cm and keep it uniform through out the pour without causing any excessive turbulence.

If there are some coffee grounds sticking on the paper, you may pour some water to bring these in slurry, otherwise you must avoid pouring along the wall of the dripper.

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