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French Press

French Press


Ratio 1:16
Coffee 19 gms
Water 290 gms
Total Brew Time 5.30 – 8 mins


  • A French Press coffee brewer also called Café Press or Coffee Plunger (Here we have used a Hario Cafe Press Slim, it brews around 240 ml coffee).
  • A burr type coffee grinder. (Electric or manual).
  • 19 g of good quality, freshly roasted coffee.
  • Water and a kettle/ pot with heating source to heat it.
  • Weighing scale and timer.
  • A spoon.

In these brewing methods your coffee remains submerged in water and after requisite brew time you strain the brew. Brewing happens due to heat and time.

This method is least complicated and provides you a great brew with rich body. Though this method has few disadvantages over pour over as you need more time, some amount of brew is left behind absorbed in coffee grounds and you may get some grit in your coffee, however if you can wait longer for a cupping bowl kind of extraction, let the grit sediment and don’t mind a slightly cooler coffee to enjoy more flavours you are certainly going to enjoy this method.


Step 1

Fill your French Press pot 1/3 with some hot water and press it with plunger 3-4 times; this would pre-heat the pot and would also clean the filter of the plunger. You can decant this water in your cup and let it pre-heat your cup.

Step 2

Take 19 g of freshly roasted coffee and grind it slightly coarse, average grain size being similar to similar to full stop ‘.’, font size 20 ‘Arial’ in MS word.; don’t make it too coarse even if it results in some grit in your cup. Grit generally settles down and can me left behind however a very coarse ground results in an under brewed cup.

Step 3

Add coffee to the brewing jar of French Press, boil water and pour 150 g of water and start the timer. Stir coffee nicely, make sure there are no dry packets left, this would facilitate blooming. After 3 minutes pour remaining water (boiling) and cover the jar with a lid. You may cover the jar with a cosy for better heat retention.

Step 4

After 6 minutes (total time), gently stir the top part of the brew without disturbing coffee grounds down below. Scoop off the foam from the top, coffee always tastes better without this residual CO2.

Step 5

Gently press the plunger and decant brewed coffee in your cup. If you feel too much resistance while pressing the plunger, pull it upwards by couple of centimeters and start pressing again.


For higher extraction while using optimally roasted, good quality coffee you may let your coffee brew for 8-10 minutes, coffee tends to get more complex without getting astringent, however if you like your coffee to be very hot you may try grinding coffee a bit finer. You may play with grind size or time to find your perfect brew but you must play with only one parameter at a time.

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