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Conical Dripper

Hario V-60/ Kalita

This is one of the most efficient methods and provides best extraction because there is constant flow of water at controlled steady rate, which ensures that is never too saturated and facilitates a better extraction with minimum retention in coffee grounds (as it happens in immersion methods).

With right technique we can always get better and consistent results with this method.

Note: Here we are not considering any drip method that takes more than 5-6 minutes to drip.

RATIO 1:16
TOTAL BREW TIME 2:30 to 4 min

You would need:

  • A pour over dripper with filter paper.
  • A goose neck kettle or any kettle with which you may pour water in a controlled manner.
  • A coffee mug or caraffe to collect brewed coffee.
  • A burr type coffee grinder. (Electric or manual).
  • 19 g of good quality, freshly roasted coffee.
  • Water and a kettle/ pot with heating source to heat it.
  • Weighing scale and timer.


Take the V-60 filter paper and fold it along the pasted portionto get a perfect cone.

Place the dripper on your coffee carafe or cup.

Now place the filter paper inside the dripper and make sure that it is perfectly centred in dripper.

Holding it in centre, pour hot water to wet the paper and preheat the dripper and carafe for a better thermal stability.


Grind 17 g coffee to medium fine level with average grind size being similar to letter ‘o’ in lower case, font size 7 ‘Arial’  in MS word. If your grinder produces too many fine particles, you may like to start with slightly bigger size. But never be scared of going fine, it always facilitates better brewing. Put this coffee in your dripper and tap it lightly to form a flat bed.


Place your dripper and carafe on weighing scale and tare it to zero. Switch on your kettle and bring the water to boil, if you are boiling water in different utensil and transferring it to pouring kettle, make sure that you have pre-heated the kettle to minimise the heat loss on transfer. Take boiling water, start the timer and pour 50 g of water on coffee bed. Swirl it nicely to make sure that coffee is fully saturated in water.

Pouring Technique

Use a kettle with thin snout, for better control of flow

Make small concentric circles while pouring directly on coffee bed.

Distance between the tip of kettle and slurry should be around 10 cm and keep it uniform through out the pour without causing any excessive turbulence.

If there are some coffee grounds sticking on the paper, you may pour some water to bring these in slurry, otherwise you must avoid pouring along the wall of the dripper.


Once timer reaches 30 sec mark, start pouring and reach 180g mark by 1 minute. Gently lift up the dripper and give it a gentle swirl, this would provide enough turbulence by giving a spin motion to the slurry and would prevent any likelihood of channeling.


At 1:15, start pouring again and reach 275g by 1:30. Lift the dripper, gently swirl the slurry and place it back to let it drip. Total drip time in this case is generally between 3:10 to 3:45 min. This time could be little more or less depending on the grind size and quality, irrespective of this time it is your palate which shall be the ultimate judge.


Have a look at the dripper once you you have brewed the coffee, there should be an absolutely flat bed with no grounds other than a very thin layer of fines sticking along the walls. Gentle swirl at the end of last pour helps you achieve a flat along with more uniform brew.

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